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When should I go for an international workcamp?


All year long, it is possible to participate in a workcamp abroad in available places (we have an average of 600 projects each month) !

Most projects take place during school holidays (a lot of volunteers are students) but it is also the period when there is much demand. If you can choose your departure dates, prefer workcamps outside school holidays, you will have more chances of being accepted for the project of your choice and the group will be more intimate.

Otherwise, if you wish to volunteer between June and September, it is imperative to send us your registration form as early as possible (in April or early May)! Remember that the price of air tickets significantly increases when the departure date gets near, so do not wait too long to make your decision.

Note that it is also possible to start in Winter. Why not going to an international camp during Christmas days in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, for example?

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